The meaning of the “Baby Don’t Cry” by EXO

The meaning of Baby Don’t Cry Lyric(EXO)

The inspiration of this song is 《The Little Mermaid》(1837). When the little mermaid turn 15, she falls in love with a prince. She asks Sea Witch to give her legs in exchange for her tongue. She hopes prince could marry her but fails. If she kill the prince with the knife, she will become a mermaid again. But when she stands in front of prince’s bed, she could not bear to do that. When the sun rises, her body dissolves into foam.

In the song 《Baby Don’t Cry》,the prince doesn’t sleep, he wakes up and asks her to kill himself:

Don’t hesitate, please take my heart. Love is kind of light winkling. It is a mercy to close my eyes in the moonlight. Suppose me as a stranger, or fancy yourself actor. What we say is just lines of an opera. Baby don’t cry tonight. When the dawn lights the skyies, it will be as if nothing ever happened.You will never dissolve into foam, for my love is with you forever.So baby don’t cry cry.

credit: luhanlu 

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