EXO-K – Baby Don’t Cry teaser lyrics


더는 망설이지 마 제발
내 심장을 거두어가
그래 날카로울수록 좋아
달빛조차도 눈을 감은 밤

나 아닌 다른 남자였다면
희극 안의 한 구절이었더라면
너의 그 사람과 바꾼 상처 모두 태워버려

Baby don’t cry, tonight
어둠이 걷히고 나면
Baby don’t cry, tonight
없었던 일이 될 거야

물거품이 되는 것은 니가 아니야,
끝내 몰라 야 해 던

So baby don’t cry, cry
내 사랑이 널 지킬테니

deoneun mangseoliji ma jebal
nae simjangeul geodoo-eoga
geurae nalkaro-ulsurog chohwa
dalbitjochado nooneul gameun bam

na anin dareun namja-yeotdamyeon
huegeuk an-eue han gujeol-ieotdeo-ramyeon
neoye geu saramgua baggun sangcheo modu taewuobeoryeo

Baby don’t cry, tonight
eodumi geodhigo namyeon
Baby don’t cry, tonight
eobseotdeon il-i dwell geoya

moolgeo-poom-i dueneun geoseun niga aniya,
ggeutnae molla ya hae deon

So baby don’t cry, cry
nae sarangi neol jikilteni

Don’t wait anymore please
Take my heart instead
Yes, it is good as it is sharp
Even the moon closed its eyes this night

If I were a different man
And if I had a passage in a comedy
I would set fire to all the changed wounds that you and he made

Baby don’t cry, tonight
After the darkness has lifted
Baby don’t cry, tonight
It’ll be like nothing ever happened
You will never become a bubble,
In the end you don’t have to know
So baby don’t cry, cry
For my love will protect you.

Posted on: fuckyeah-exo
Translation and Romanization: emily (shizuos), jae@fuckyeah-exo

11 responses to “EXO-K – Baby Don’t Cry teaser lyrics

  1. Those are really nice lyrics. Hope they release this soon. And the other one. “My Lady”. That one. I really love Exo. They’re different than most of the bands debuting these days. I love different. ;DDD

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